Albion Online begins testing Into the Fray’s magic staff and portal town overhauls


Live on Albion Online’s test server as of this morning is the Into the Fray update, which includes an overhaul of multiple mechanics – most especially for casters and PvPers.

Outlands players will notice right away that the old Outlands portal zones are now gone and have been replaced with Portal Towns that share some services with their linked Royal City. Castle layouts and graphics have also been improved, with biome-related designs, Might buffs, and adjusted treasure spawns.

Magic staff users are going to be particularly pleased with the update, as fire staffs, holy staffs, cursed staffs, and nature staffs are all getting “greater variance in appearance and feel” with new animations, VFX, and audio, with the goal of differentiating the spells in combat. “[F]or example, Cursed Staff spells use aggressive red and black colors with shadowy skull shapes, while Nature Staff spells use pleasing shapes and colors and calming sounds.”

Take a peek at the whole list of notes, as there’s quite a bit more, like new emotes, the new Crystal Arena ranked mode, UI tweaks, and low-level resource helpers. Oh yeah, and if your mute list was full, and it probably was because this is Albion Online, take heart, as there’s now a UI for managing your many, many, many blockees.

Source: Patch notes
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