Arrrrrrr you ready to get murdered by pirates in Elder Scrolls Online High Isles



We’re just a bare few weeks away from the launch’s of this year’s defining Elder Scrolls Online chapter, High Isle, and ZeniMax Online Studios has a warning for would-be endgame players: These waters are infested with pirates.

Indeed, the Dreadsail pirates are the group that raiders will be taking on if they venture into the 12-person trail known as the Dreadsail Reef. Led by the pirate queen known as Taleria, these maormer “are a scourge of the seas, patrolling and raiding shipping lanes, attacking merchant vessels, and generally being a nuisance,” according to ZOS’s latest dev blog.

Players will aid Admiral Galvendier on his “daring” plan to wipe out these brigands of the ocean: “While the Dufort Flotilla battles the Dreadsail fleet itself, a smaller invasion force will storm the beach, make its way into the pirate city, and capture the Fleet Queen before her sea magics condemn the High Isle navy to the deep.”

Naturally, there’s plenty of loot in it for you if you win because why else would you risk it? Expect to be showered in gold, body paint, mounts, titles, and unique items too.

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