Dual Universe struggles to ship physical Kickstarter rewards to backers


Let this be a lesson to future crowdfunding campaigns: Be very careful about promising physical rewards because they’re a whole lot more difficult to deliver than virtual ones.

This lesson is being learned and communicated by Dual Universe’s Novaquark, which is apparently struggling to fulfill Kickstarter promises to ship out statues, flash drives, t-shirts, tote bags, and art books to higher-tier backers. The studio came out with an update about the delay in this regard, saying that higher shipping costs and a lack of a partner to handle said shipping are to blame.

While Novaquark is willing to absorb the higher price tag of moving the goods — which it says now costs as much as producing the items — it still hasn’t found a shipping partner. “We are therefore searching for a new partner to take receipt of the physical rewards and to start shipping them to you as quickly as possible,” the studio vowed.

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