Fractured’s latest beta update adds crafting fees and city taxes – sorry


Fractured Online is still in the midst of its no-end-date always-on closed beta test, and yesterday, it paused that beta event briefly in the service of rolling out a new patch.

The update makes no attempt to soothe player complaints about gold-grinding in the game; in fact, it’s just the opposite, as it introduces new crafting fees and taxes with an eye toward draining cash from the game. “The system is meant to introduce gold sinks into the game and reward cities who decide to open up their crafting stations to the public,” Dynamight says. City fees are dependent upon the whims of the elected governor, while crafting fees fluctuate based on where and what tier of item you’re crafting.

“If you craft from your inventory crafting menu, there’s no gold fee to be paid whatsoever, but all items (T1 weapons, Commoner Clothes, Hide Armor) are of Poor quality. […] If you craft from a crafting station, be it in a city or at home, you pay a base gold fee plus (possibly) a tax of to the city you are in / the city that controls the region. Below is a list of the base fees.”

The patch also tweaks some animations and blocks PvP spawn camping (griefing) at harbors.

Source: Patch notes
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