EverQuest guild woke the Sleeper on P99 Green – and all hell broke loose


If you read our recent Game Archaeologist column on it, you’ll know that there’s a whole lot of meaningful history behind a slumbering crystalline dragon in EverQuest known as the Sleeper. Once thought to be an unkillable beast that served as an apocalyptic server event, the Sleeper has since become a fun raid target for the super-daring.

However, a recent awakening of said dragon’s caused no end to controversy among a segment of EverQuest players. That’s because the Sleeper was awoken on Project 1999 Green, a Daybreak-approved player-run server that operates with extremely archaic rules, and all of the spoils and glory went to a single guild (Seal Team) instead of shared to a wider audience. Additionally, once this event is triggered, certain mobs with desirable loot stop spawning in the game forever after.

According to PC Gamer’s report, the awakening was even contentious within the guild itself, with some players wishing that the Sleeper remain in its slumber indefinitely. A rogue faction within the guild forced the issue by starting the process, dragging along all of Seal Team in the process.

As one Reddit user summarized, “[It was] a once-in-a-lifetime event on a server that a group of selfish people decided to do without telling the rest of the players on the server, rendering themselves as the most hated guild on [Project 1999].”

Source: PC Gamer
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