Aion Classic gets its 2.0 update with new zones, new instances, and a level cap increase on May 25


The next major step forward for the Aion Classic progression server is on the horizon. In fact, the devs are going so far as to call the update an entirely new version: Aion Classic 2.0 is coming to players on Wednesday, April 25th, with new areas, new dungeons, a level cap increase, and more.

Players will get to experience the region of Balaurea, with two new field bosses, four fortress sieges, and seven new instances, all along the path to the new level cap of 55. Naturally, there will be new gear and items to collect including a new Sapphire Medal currency that can be used to purchase Primus Pilus equipment. Classic’s 2.0 update will also make changes to rewards in the Abyss, adjust rewards, entry level, and the number of entries for several treasure rooms, and add the Menothios Divine Fortress Siege.

For those who are looking to relive the old Aion 2.0 glory days (with some improvements), there’s plenty to look forward to, and there’s even a free code for a Stormwing pet to redeem.

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