Contract QA workers at BioWare Edmonton were allowed to work from home as union vote begins


Near the end of April, we reported on the news that contracted QA testers working at BioWare’s Edmonton studio who have started the process of their own unionization efforts. The workers in question are employed by Keywords Studios, a company that provides game devs with extra bodies to help with quality assurance testing and localization, but the union that seeks to be formed will be for “all employees employed in development support” at the BioWare office.

The matter has taken a couple of new steps forward, as Keywords has elected to let contracted employees continue to work from home “until further notice,” rescinding a decision that the QA workers had to return to the office in-person and meeting a demand made by those workers.

In addition, the Alberta Labor Relations Board has officially ordered a unionization vote via secret mail-in ballot, and has suggested that union benefits extend to “all employees” who work at Keywords, not just those who are employed by BioWare. Voting for this new union’s creation is expected soon.

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