Dauntless developer Phoenix Labs says it has ‘close to’ 10 games currently in the works


Most people around these parts know Phoenix Labs as the studio behind the multiplayer monster slaying RPG Dauntless, but a new dev blog post would like to introduce players and industry vets alike to a new website, a spiffing new logo, and a development studio that apparently has a lot of irons in the fire.

According to the post, Phoenix Labs currently is working on several new titles, with “close to 10 projects ranging from early R&D to being in full production.” As one might expect, what these games are is generally pretty vague, but the studio is “examining everything from science fiction to fantasy, strategy to action, casual to core—and everything in between.”

The post further lauds a milestone of over 30 million players in Dauntless, talks up a new logo, and explains the new Spotlight section of its new website, which will be “a place to convey deeper and personal context on our work, methods, and beliefs.” Fans of Phoenix Labs’ work can expect more public-facing details of life at the studio, an updating handbook that will be refreshed quarterly, and the potential for new details on the studio’s next game. Until then, there’s a shiny new introduction to scope out.

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