Destiny 2 outlines several updates to Iron Banner and other PvP activities arriving in Season 17


Destiny 2 has been talking up its Season 17 update and what it’s doing to change things like raid rotations and weapons, but now it’s time to peek at what PvP activities will look like when the new season kicks off.

The changes in question are primarily centered on Iron Banner, bringing the return of the Rift match type complete with a new map, replacing Iron Banner tokens with Iron Banner engrams, and changing Iron Banner’s overall schedule to run twice a season on May 31st and July 12th. Other PvP activities will see changes as well: The Crucible will feature the return of Zone Control mode and tweaks to existing modes, Gambit will see increases to reputation gains and streak value, and Power level will be removed from all PvP activities except for the Trials of Osiris,

The game’s weekly news bulletin notes further matters like changes to the Eververse cash shop, a cosplay showcase event coming on July 7th, and the usual community creation spotlights.

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