PlanetSide 2 begins public testing of new anti-material rifles, an updated menu, and spawn changes


The anti-material rifle (AMR), as its name suggests, is a rifle that is specifically designed to do damage to military structures, equipment, and hardware at long ranges similar to an anti-infantry sniper rifle. Though these weapons might have lessened application in today’s warfare thanks to modern armor resistances, the weapon type is seeing some new life in PlanetSide 2 in the shooter’s latest PTS build.

Specifically, each empire is now getting its own distinct AMR, each with unique benefits against certain targets like NSO AMRs preventing MAX units from being repaired, Vanu AMRs that can cleave through organic targets while being fired at vehicles, or New Conglomerate AMRs that deliver a flak payload against aircraft. In addition, these new weapons will be added as an option for the engineer’s directive line.

The latest PTS build is further refining the game’s main menu with changes to several button locations, adding a new Exceptional VI directive line, and introducing more options to turn off HUD indicators. The build is also performing a test on spawn changes, reverting back to some of the so-called legacy respawn changes but with reductions in restrictions in order to prevent spawn problems that arrived when Oshur launched. The spawn changes are noted as “likely temporary,” but these adjustments as well as others could be worth a trip to the PTS.

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