The Elder Scrolls Online teases the history of High Isle’s Systres Archipelago


Whether you’re a lore hound looking for more fiction to chew on or you just want to know how the heck to pronounce the word Systres, the newest video out of The Elder Scrolls Online has got you covered. And to that latter point, it’s pronounced “SIS-tress.”

The video recounts the story of a plague that was released across Tamriel by the Sload, the All Flags Navy launched to combat the threat, and the subsequent formation of the Breton high houses that now try to use subterfuge and backhanded politicking to improve their station in Systres. The video further foreshadows the machinations of the Ascendant Order, warning of their imminent strike. Until player characters arrive, of course.

The video itself once again sets the table for the High Isle chapter, and while it doesn’t provide too much new in terms of information, it does a good job of stirring the pot o’ hype. You can watch the full video below for more.

source: YouTube
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