Wizard101 drops paid access to PvP, improves spellment drop rates, and opens Angoro’s Tower


When Wizard101 put out its big spring update, a lot of the big-ticket features went over like a lead balloon for most players, including complaints that getting Spellments felt too grindy and that KingsIsle was getting greedy with regards to access to new PvP features. Happily, the past couple of weeks have seen some vital changes to things.

Thanks to a patch last week, the new 5th Age PvP features are now free for everyone, as the paywall that limited access to the content behind a subscription or cash shop purchases has been removed. In addition, world spellment drop rates from pet powers, cantrip chests, and area osses have been “significantly increased,” while additional spellments can now be found in silver chests. A patch this week has further opened up Angoro’s Tower for players on the Mything Link quest and has applied fixes to PvP rankings and leaderboards.

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