Guild Wars 2’s Living World Season 1 Sky Pirates episode drops anchor next week

Plus Dragon Bash returns June 7


Guild Wars 2 is continuing its rollout of its original living world season 1 from 2013 – but completely reimagined as permanent content – with the release of Sky Pirates next week on May 24th. Readers will recall that this is actually the second of the new episodes, with the first, Flame and Frost, having launched back in April.

Of course, what’s got players most excited is the fact that ArenaNet released a screenshot of what looks like the original Lion’s Arch as it looked way back then, which’d be an extra treat if the devs have brought it back for this retooled instanced content. And yes, if you dropped into the story midway or with the launch of End of Dragons (or you played and just don’t remember anything, ahem), you probably wondered how exactly the Commander met Mai Trin and Jory. Now you can (re)play it and find out, and then a week later, you can enjoy another round of Dragon Bash.

“The second episode of Living World Season 1 returns on May 24! Visit your Story Journal to begin, and a mysterious message will send you to Lion’s Arch for your first encounter with Captain Mai Trin and detective Marjory Delaqua. Living World Season 1 content is free for all players, permanently. Complete the original episode achievements and new achievements to earn rewards! This content was originally released during the very first Dragon Bash celebration. Play the episode to see the history of the festival and get ready for Dragon Bash 2022 on June 7. Next week’s release will also include the next Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Challenge Mode Strike Mission and a set of Generation 3 legendary weapon variant skins inspired by the Elder Dragon of Death and Shadow, Zhaitan.”

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