Hex crawl MMO World Seed officially releases on Steam with new features, new monetization, and no server wipe


World Seed, the TTRPG-like hex crawling MMO, has been sliding along a unique development track. First announced in 2020, the game attempted to Kickstart a “2.0” version of the game but ultimately failed, though development rolled onward, with a Steam early access launch in February and an update in March that changed ring progression, squished equipment levels, and made tier more important than level.

Evidently, early access is now over as developer Ape Egg has fully released the title today, complete with a new monetization model that features an in-game store that uses a cash currency known as Sap. Players who want to explore the game’s world outside of Ring 1 will need to purchase a game license for 50 Sap (around $9), while those who purchased the game in early access will be granted this license for free.

Other features in the full launch include the integration of the Steam overlay, an improved character sheet, new dungeons, markets that can be found in the wild, an inn where additional party members can be recruited, and a rework of elemental weapon procs. The launch has also elected to not reset early access character progress, as the devs believe World Seed “is meant to be enjoyed at your own pace and we do not intend the early progression of the game to be a competitive element.”

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