The Lost Ark Destroyer’s weapon isn’t a warhammer – it’s a minivan on a stick


If you’re angling to Hulk out to Beethoven’s 5th in Lost Ark, look no further than the game’s new Destroyer advanced class for the Warrior, the fourth for the base class. Along with the rest of the May update, it launches on Thursday the 19th – and the version we’re getting is the reworked, retuned, and rebalanced version, not the first version that launched in Korea.

“A true tank, the Destroyer has high health, the ability to generate shields, and heavy-hitting attacks that deal massive amounts of Stagger damage. The trade-off comes at the cost of the Destroyer’s attack and movement speed— this hulking warrior has a huge Gravity Hammer that needs to be toted around the battlefield. While the Destroyer’s overall speed is slow, some of his skills allow for bursts of speed to leap or charge into the fray. With his ability to manipulate gravity, the Destroyer won’t be the slowest moving combatant on the field— he can move effortlessly through his intense gravitational attacks, while enemies are slowed, weakened, and crushed. Besides, you don’t need to move at all when you can just pull enemies toward you. While the Destroyer’s attacks may be slower or require charging up, they hit extremely hard— especially when consuming Gravity Cores.”

Naturally, there’s a new trailer up today to tease the class. We recommend doubling up on your insurance as we’re pretty sure that carrying around hammers that big will be rough on your back.

Source: YouTube. Title courtesy of MOP’s Tyler, who is not wrong.
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