Atlas’s season 9 launches with a wipe tonight [Update: Delayed to May 25]


It’s felt as if Studio Wildcard and Grapeshot Games have been touting Atlas’ impending wipe for a while now, but as of this evening, it’s finally happening. And when the servers are back online – around 1 a.m. EDT tomorrow morning – they’ll be festooned with the patch particles known as Season 9.

Most notably, season 9 include the reworked map, new minibosses (including a nasty cyclops) for the Golden Age ruins, and the new Maw Waters region with its special lantern mechanic.

“A new region has been discovered! A brave, possibly foolish, Pathfinder followed the Ships of the Damned across the waters of Atlas. He returned with tales of a land shrouded in darkness and unnaturally thick fog, with creatures that seem to vanish or appear out of thin air, and eerie green fires. As proof of his findings he brought back a strange crystalline substance, soft to the touch yet somehow solid. His final notes state that any Pathfinder who ventures to these lands should not trust their eyes, as empty stretches of land may have hidden dangers.”

What’s not in this update? The planned Industrial Wonder content. “Due to the feedback we received surrounding the Industrial Wonder, we have decided to cut it from this patch so that we have adequate time to redesign and adjust,” the studios say.

As MMO players will recall, Atlas was originally pitched by the ARK Survival Evolved studio in 2018 as an MMORPG sandbox that was supposed to handle 40,000 players per server. It can’t do that, and indeed doesn’t even have a tenth of that playing concurrently anyway, and it has yet to leave early access.

Apparently, they’ve now delayed it a full week.

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