EverQuest prepares to merge older progression servers in June


Two of EverQuest’s progression servers are almost to the end their run, and as a result, they are ready to be absorbed into the standard ruleset of Norrath.

Daybreak announced that Phinigel and Miragul are scheduled to be merged on June 15th into Vox, a standard free-to-play shard. When this happens, all EverQuest worlds will be taken down for a full day of downtime.

Phinigel launched in December of 2015, while Miragul came out in November 2019.

The studio posted a FAQ about how it is planning to handle different issues with the merge, such as naming conflicts, real estate, bank contents, and universal chat. Only Phinigel players are granted free character transfers to the world of their choice.

However, with the end of two servers comes two more later this month, which are “Vaniki, a level-locked progression server, and Yelinak, a more traditional progression server similar to the rules for Mangler.”

Source: EverQuest. Thanks Flatline!
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