Military sim shooter Arma gets its first new installment in years with the early access launch of Arma Reforger


We don’t really talk about the Arma series on this site very often, even though it’s certainly within our periphery. The mil sim shooter series from Bohemia Interactive has been a thing since 2006, and the last entry in the series, 2013’s Arma III, has had a steady and active fanbase of players and modders. Even so, many fans have likely wondered if the third game was going to be the last in the series.

That is not the case, as yesterday Bohemia Interactive unveiled on Twitch a new step forward for the shooter in the form of Arma Reforger, which launched into early access on PC via its own launcher and on Steam as well as on Xbox Game Preview, marking the first time the series has ever arrived on console.

Reforger is effectively a test bed for the in-development Arma 4, using a new Enfusion game engine that the upcoming sequel will utilize while bringing players back to the island of Everon, a 512 square kilometer island set during the Cold War from the game’s first-ever iteration, Operation Flashpoint.

Reforger features a variety of improvements to the series above just a visual overhaul, including cross-platform play for PC and Xbox, access to mod content for Xbox players powered by an in-game Workbench toolset, and streamlined tools for both on-the-ground players and those creating and controlling scenarios in real-time with the Zeus feature. The livestream also lauded more customization, letting players take up a number of roles on the battlefield, whether it’s infantry, fire support, radio operator, or logistical.

According to the game’s Steam page, early access is set to run for a year at maximum, with new features like new weapons, artillery, and new gadgets planned to be added over the course of development. As for what happens when Reforger’s early access ends and Arma 4 releases, the official site calls Reforger an “independently playable experience,” an FAQ section calls it a separate game, and an interview with the game’s project lead talks about the work towards a 1.0 release, meaning this title will still be playable even after Arma 4 launches, though that same FAQ also notes that buying Reforger will not grant access to Arma 4. Incidentally, the so-called “road to Arma 4” is being noted as a long one by Bohemia Interactive.

There’s a lot to digest here, so fans might want to read through the news or check out the videos below.

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