PSO2 New Genesis previews June’s Frozen Resolution update


Hiro Arai, the so-called “official navigator” for Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, has a new dev blog up from the development team about the game’s Frozen Resolution update, which is arriving to the game in June, talking up the various features arriving with the content patch.

Most of the blog’s content isn’t particularly revelatory, but there are some tidbits of information that players may likely want to note. For instance, the post notes that subsequent content updates will likely continue to see character and power levels rise, though restrictions on earning XP will be eased in order to help players ramp up those numbers. Incidentally, those major content releases are planned for October and December.

The post further notes that the new throw action and new floating boards will be used outside of the frosty Kvaris region, with plans for trials specifically needing the throw action and player racing events utilizing the boards in the works.

At one point in the blog, discussion about the dangerous Rayjord Gorge area came up. This particular zone is notable because it continually damages players with a frigid temperature DoT as they explore. This DoT can be mitigated with the use of boosts that can be gained from region mags, food items, and NPCs, as well as a special augment that can be found in the zone. The devs further assures players that this kind of augment will have variants that provide other stat boosts to avoid making the augment type only useful in one zone in the entire game.

The post otherwise brought up some preliminary details about the story, talked about the threats in the Kvaris region, and spotlighted other areas in the zone. Fans looking forward to the frigid new content can read up for more details.

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