EVE Anywhere cloud service browserfies EVE Online with today’s launch

Bless this hot mess.

If you’ve been angling to play EVE Online from the comfort of your couch or bed or car or treehouse or whatever without needing a full-on PC or laptop, then the release of EVE Anywhere today has your name all over it.

“Starting today Alpha pilots can now take advantage of EVE Anywhere, the revolutionary cloud-based platform that puts New Eden directly in your browser of choice!” the studio says.

“EVE Anywhere has been developed in close collaboration with our trusted partner Intel, and allows you to play EVE on the go through Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge – whether you’re on a PC or tablet. This partnership provides EVE pilots with access to high-capacity computing power – via the cloud – as and when it’s needed. Whether you’re fighting, mining, or building an industrial empire, EVE Anywhere can help you switch seamlessly between client and browser-based play.”

There’s a catch: It comes with a fee, though players on Reddit are suggesting that if you’re already paying for an EVE Omega sub, the service is included without extra cost. “Alpha players can enjoy 24 hours of EVE Anywhere in exchange for 30 PLEX,” says CCP, which also promises to add access for more territories “later on this year.”

Source: Official site. Browserfy is too a word.
As The Ancient Gaming Noob Wilhelm notes, the game’s launch button is calling this a beta and CCP released a separate PR piece saying the feature is fully launched. The dev blog CCP released, however, says alpha. We’re assuming these are just comms errors; regardless, EVE Anywhere is playable for money, so it doesn’t really matter what phase name they’re using.

CCP Games has clarified that the use of the term “alpha” was meant to be a contrast to omega (F2P vs. sub players), which makes sense; the title was just confusingly worded. EVE Anywhere is indeed out of beta now, so we’ve amended this article accordingly. “EVE Anywhere will be available for additional territories later this year,” the studio says.
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