Flyff Universe can now be accessed via a browser, plans to introduce a separate pay-to-earn version


Last month we reported on a new version of the classic MMORPG Flyff known as Flyff Universe, which would make the game cross-platform across PC, Mac, and mobile devices while promising a game that would “come back to the origins of Flyff.” Since that time, there’s been a couple of updates of note for those who were interested in following along with the game’s arrival.

Flyff Universe can now be played on a browser right now on both PC and mobile devices. The servers are based in Southeast Asia, so there’s the possibility of lag, and the free-to-play nature could open players to a lot of bot activity. It’s also worth noting that users are already complaining about pay-to-win in the store, so shop accordingly.

If these points don’t turn you away from the game, then there’s one last possible pin to the excitement balloon: Developer Gala Lab has announced in a 2022 financial report that the studio is planning on introducing a pay-to-earn server to Flyff Universe, though this scheme will be hosted on a separate version on Gemhub. That same financial report also outlines plans to regain licensing of global versions of Flyff through re-acquisition and channeling agreements.

sources: official site, Reddit (1, 2), MMO Fallout, cheers Bruno!
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