Lost Ark’s Destined for Destruction drops the Destroyer and Deskaluda


Happy patch day, Lost Ark players: Smilegate and Amazon have rolled out the May Destined for Destruction update after a bit of a snag in some regions earlier this morning. At this point, if you play, you already know what’s in the update, but here’s a little recap if you’re considering returning:

  • Valtan – an eight-person Legion raid with two tiers of difficulty
  • Destroyer – the new advanced class for the Warrior, whose hammer is absurd
  • Deskaluda – the new Guardian raid
  • Challenge Guardians – even scarier than Deskaluda
  • Island Sieges – ranked guild PvP content
  • Raid Matches – timed guild PvE content
  • Additions to South Vern – new content in chaos dungeons, the ghost ship, and more
  • Wild Wings Island – bok bok
  • Customization – new hair styles and premade looks
  • QOL tweaks – multiple UI touches, presets, settings, and updates to the markets and strongholds
  • Cosmetics – plenty of buyables in the cash shop

The patch notes are ready for your perusal!

Source: Patch notes
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