Pantheon says its first pass on crafting and gathering is in a ‘playtest-ready state’


May’s not even over yet, but Pantheon’s Visionary Realms has already penned its May producer’s letter to explain to watchers, testers, and backers just what it’s been up to. And what it’s been up to is getting bigger.

“May saw the expansion of the team here at Visionary Realms, with the addition of four new team members in our Environment Concept Artist, 3D Environment Artist & Worldbuilder, 3D Character Artist, and Animator & Rigger roles,” the studio says. “Each new team member has quickly settled into their positions here, and have already begun to refine and expand upon the art of Pantheon including further developing the visual footprint of Thronefast, creating modular building kits for Human architecture, polishing the models of our existing player races, and expanding our animation suite.”

The veteran team has apparently been focused on art development for Wild’s End and Sorhiryth, Halfling architecture, technical infrastructure, Avendyr’s Pass, seamless-world conversion, and dynamic spawns. And crafters, take note: The first pass on your favorite content is almost ready.

“We have also completed the initial implementation of our crafting and gathering systems, with both now in a playtest-ready state.”

Source: Newsletter
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