Destiny 2 outlines changes to its upcoming summer event and fixes the so-called ‘Xur hostage exploit’


The Guardian Games are coming to an end in Destiny 2, but that just paves the way for the looter shooter’s next event, which will herald a variety of changes to events overall starting with the summertime Solstice event.

One of the primary updates is the addition of an Event Card, which will provide an easy to understand track for a given seasonal event’s activities much like seasonal challenges do. As for the Solstice event in specific, players can look forward to armor upgrade changes and a new Bonfire Bash activity in the European Aerial Zone.

The game’s weekly newsletter otherwise outlines a Freelance weekend featuring Zone Control in the Trials of Osiris this weekend, previews the rewards awaiting inside the new dungeon that’s landing next week, and shares the latest patch notes that include a fix for a “Xur hostage exploit,” which allowed players to basically keep the merchant in place when he was meant to disappear. The removal of this exploit has subsequently seen a small community of Destiny players disband or otherwise consider their place in the game’s world. After all, if you can’t lock down a squid-face weapons merchant, what’s the point of being together?

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