Fractured Online opens its beta up to all comers over Memorial Day weekend


If you’ve been keeping an eye on Fractured as it marches through beta but didn’t actually want to, you know, pay for the game just to test it, then you’re getting a chance to do so for free starting next week. Dynamight Studios and Gamigo are opening up the beta for a freebie week running from May 25th to May 31st, i.e., Memorial Day weekend and then some. As a bonus, your account will keep its progress for the rest of the beta, though of course you’d have to pay for a founder’s pack at that point to keep going.

“During the free week, explore Aerhen, a vast continent where humans largely preside, take on diverse and dangerous biomes that will push your survival instincts to the limit. The mountains are inhabited by dangerous ice elementals and the harsh temperatures are sure to leave you with cold feet. The hot and noxious volcano turns up the heat, the fiery elementals that inhabit these basalt plains will not think twice about burning their fearsomeness in your memory. The steppe houses torrential downpours and the storm elementals are sure to give you a shocking surprise! The tundra will offer you a different challenge, not by temperature or harsh weather, by housing several dangerous enemies, such as the towering Jotunns, the tundra won’t be your average walk in the park.”

Do note that there is at least one in-game event planned for beta participants over the course of this freebie period, on the very first day at 3 p.m. EDT; Gamigo will be streaming as it sends the Ebony Compass to siege one of the game’s newest towns as you rush to its defense.

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