Amazon hotfixes Lost Ark’s Destined for Destruction, offers downtime compensation


If you’ve been enjoying Lost Ark’s newest update, good for you! If your experience has been sullied by the fact that you can’t type /dance in chat, then know that Amazon Games put out a hotfix this morning to address that problem.

The /dance problem isn’t the only thing being tackled by the hotfix, of course. Other fixes of note address missing rapport tiers for Ealyn and Sasha, Destroyers opening up a Platinum Complimentary Skin Chest and finding nothing inside, a bonus damage proc for the Absolute Strength tripod on the Destroyer’s Perfect Swing skill not going off as intended, and characters participating in the Super Express event not being able to hone their gear past +15.

It’s not the sexiest of patches, but these fixes are likely welcome ones. Especially for those who just want to /dance.

Meanwhile, the game is also planning compensation for downtime:

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