New World advances the story, banks big on PvP arena combat


What a difference a year makes. While New World was the talk of the town back in 2021, nowadays it’s having to fight hard for the attention of MMORPG players. And it’s good to see the New World dev team being scrappy as it delivers a report on some of the projects that should come to the game soon.

For PvP enthusiasts, there are the new 3v3 arenas, which will require completely different strategies from players than large-scale clashes. Amazon said that it’s working hard to get build balance and matchmaking right for the mode.

But if you’re more into PvE, there’s the addition of mutators to the Depths, three new mutation types, and a continuation of the Varangian Knight storyline with a big quest chain.

Looking beyond May’s content drop, Amazon said, “June might not have a huge update, but that doesn’t mean we’re not providing any big incentives for players to hang out in Aeternum. Look forward to double XP while refining, gathering, leveling weapons, and more. There’s even a bonus for fishing!”

Source: New World
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