Apex Legends Mobile releases to mostly positive gameplay reviews and frustration with microtransactions

I blew things up!

Last week saw the worldwide launch of Apex Legends Mobile, bringing the high-speed battle royale shooter to Android and iOS devices in what’s called the Prime Time patch. The launch saw a new character added to the roster, a new Overflow map, and a team fill feature that fills in player spots emptied by those who drop out in team deathmatch.

Overall, the game has gotten some generally positive reception, with game critics and players alike offering up some sunny reviews of the gameplay. However, it’s not without a lot of gripes as well, as the game’s subreddit is full of bug showcases and players decrying an “overpriced” monetization model. Otherwise, the majority of the sub appears to be filled with people trying to fill friend lists (primarily to get a free character skin).

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