Elite Dangerous previews Odyssey Update 12, now launching June 7


Players of Elite Dangerous have likely been regularly watching the Frameshift Live developer livestreams for news and information about the spaceship sandbox, and last week’s broadcast brought the goods with a rundown of the things that will arrive to the Odyssey expansion in Update 12.

Among the features being added in Update 12 are access to the interaction wheel when sitting down, the ability to speak with the bartender while sitting at a bar stool, access to the features screen when sitting in a fleet carrier’s owner’s seat, more money for selling illegal goods in the black market, and a shipyard at prison stations so players can recall their own ship (instead of flying a space taxi to a regular station). There will also be a new illegal version of the raid mission type and the promise of a huge number of bug fixes for Odyssey and Horizons. On the subject of missions, the livestream featured a discussion with senior designer Tom Kewell, who talked about the new criminal raid mission and other mission matters.

Frontier Developments further notes that these features are “just scratching the surface” of what’s being added in Update 12, with more information set to arrive in the coming weeks and some patch notes to read on release day, which currently is set for sometime in the end of May [Update: Now moved to June 7]. Those who want to get a synopsis can check the latest Discovery Scanner newsletter, while the full Frameshift Live broadcast can be watched below.

sources: YouTube, official site, thanks to Phoenix Dfire for the tip!
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