League of Legends introduces the void champion Bel’Veth while Valorant answers community queries


The lavender terror that is League of Legends’ latest void champion is about to touch down in the MOBA. Riot Games introduced the Empress Bel’Veth to the world this past week with a creepy neon cinematic trailer.

Bel’Veth will be a fighter-type that chows down on experiences and emotions as she dives into combat. She’s also got a pretty rad manta ray for personal transport. Some of her abilities include a Void Surge dash, an explosive Royal Maelstrom, and a super-buff called Endless Banquet.

Meanwhile over in another Riot title, Valorant fielded several questions from the community. Topics discussed were a map pick/ban system, the ability to grant gifts, in-game replays, AFK reporting, alternating skins, and Valorant’s future TV prospects.

Source: YouTube, Valorant
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