Dual Universe answers player questions about griefing, alien core unit balance, and server wipes


Dual Universe has seen fit to launch a new series of videos called Ask Aphelia, which collect player questions and then answers them. The series has so far seen two episodes, with answers for a variety of questions about the space sandbox.

In the first episode, Aphelia addresses player concerns about server wipes, assuring players that Novaquark is carefully discussing every facet of the decision and reading player feedback. The video otherwise talks about dimming the build mode grid box, a tutorial for the deep space asteroid tracker, and increasing the range for small weapons.

The second episode attempts to define what griefing is in DU (basically stating PvP and piracy are not griefing, but doing something to ruin someone else’s experience for no direct benefit is), discusses plans for more LUA API improvements, explains why there are shuttles out of the tutorial zone available from the very start, and talks about possible balancing for resource collection rates provided by alien core units; basically the devs want some time to observe the feature’s impact.

Both videos are embedded below for those looking to hear the full answers, while the game’s latest newsletter summarizes all of the updates made to DU over the last few weeks.

source: YouTube (1, 2)
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