Lineage II Aden introduces Giran Seals and special crafting features tomorrow


Lineage II Aden – aka the version of the MMOARPG that has streamlined leveling and specific features and classes, just to help keep all of the variants of this game straight – is putting out a new update tomorrow for those who are into the higher end of the game, with new Giran Seals, new craftables, and new rewards for raid boss kills.

Several raid bosses in both standard and chaotic form will now drop a Boss Expedition Mark to the player that lands the killing blow, which in turn can be used to craft several unique items like scrolls, a pack of 200 Giran Seals, and a pack of 8,000 L2 Coins. As for the aforementioned Giran Seals, these can be used to put together new weapons, armor pieces, and a long list of spellbooks for the game’s classes. Finally, there will be a limited-time crafting event running between May 25th and June 1st that lets players get a shot at boss weapons and unique armor pieces.

There are a lot of tables for L2 Aden players to pore over in the update preview, but ultimately it boils down to Giran Seals becoming a pretty important deal for those who want high-level kit.

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