‘Massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure’ Temtem formally launches September 6


If you followed MMOs back in 2018, you’ll remember that Temtem was one of the big MMO Kickstarters of that year, pulling in over half a million bucks for an adorable Pokemon-ish “massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure” that’s now been in early access for well over two years as it rolled out to different platforms. Now, developer Crema Games has announced a full launch: September 6th, 2022, which ought to be a bit of a relief to people worried over some of the game’s earlier foibles. Preorders are already live on Steam, Humble, and the PlayStation and Xbox stores for those who aren’t already onboard; Switch preorders will apparently be live “soon.”

At launch, Crema is promising six islands, a story campaign, a full “massively multiplayer” world, co-op and competitive play, housing, customization. After launch, however, there’s more in store for players, including a battle pass, seasonal play, the final endgame island, and “weekly quests [that] will be updated regularly post-launch.”

Source: Official site, press release
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