The Division 2 makes changes to new exotics, applies fixes to Countdown mode and Season 9

It's important to tune these things.

With Title Update 15 of The Division 2 out the door and in the rearview mirror, it stands to reason that adjustments and smaller updates to the content’s launch would be following. Sure enough, Title Update 15.1 is on the way, but players can get an advance look at the patch contents before it lands at the end of the month.

For those who are looking for the new Dread Edict, Bluescreen, and Catharsis exotics, they’ve since been moved out of the exotic cache and the general loot pool, while the patch further applies fixes to Dread Edict and Chill Out, as well as removes the ability for players to get Bluescreen’s buff stacks by shooting wildlife or corpses. No more cheese for you, Bluescreen users.

The vast majority of the patch otherwise squashes bugs, applying fixes that address several critical problems with Countdown mode, changing functionality for expertise features like donating junk and moving upgrade grade display locations, and adding a swath of fixes to Season 9’s manhunt feature. The patch is set to arrive on May 31st, but patch notes can be read now.

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