Black Desert PC adds ‘private monsters zones’ in today’s patch

Meanwhile, Drakania is live on console


Private monster zones are live in Black Desert’s PC version with today’s patch. What the heck is a private monster zone? It’s essentially a way of making the most coveted grind spots in the game a little more accessible, as players will be able to to enter private instances in the open world for an hour a day.

Pearl Abyss says this mechanic will “lessen the burden on each server,” but of course it will also reduce competition. The limit of an hour a day is intended to ensure that private monster zones don’t “end up overshadowing the main content of Black Desert, that is, fighting monsters in the open world alongside other Adventurers.”

“The concept of private monster zones came to fruition after we thought about how to improve the gameplay experience for our Adventurers who had limited time to play each day. We first brought this concept to life in the form of a “mini” server, but we felt that version was difficult to balance and didn’t offer an equal opportunity access for all Adventurers. Hence we’ve come to develop and reveal Marni’s Realm – Private Monster Zones. […] Marni’s Realm does not apply to all monster zones, and we also focused on most popular zones sought after by our Adventurers, such as those in the Elvia Realm, Sycraia Underwater Ruins, and Gyfin Rhasia Temple. It’s quite simple to use. You will need to first move to the designated spot in a monster zone, open up the special menu and click a button to enter. Please note that we limited Marni’s Realm to certain parts of a monster zone in order to lessen the burden on each server. […] Since you will be the only Adventurer in said realm, we didn’t feel the need to open up the entire monster zone for Marni’s Realm.”

Meanwhile, over on Black Desert’s console version, the Drakania class is now live, as is her Succession questline and other perks that will make her competitive until her Awakening is launched. There’s also a new season server for speed-leveling the new toon.

Source: PC, console
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