The Stream Team: Galactic Loremaster and other SWTOR achievements

Are Massively OP’s Larry & MJ achievement junkies? Maybe not, but how can they pass up one called Galactic Loremaster? (Or the Jawa murder party, but they already did that!) Today the duo will travel the galaxy in search of all the lore. And if they finish that up, they will start targeting bosses to knock out another achievement. Tune in live at 8:00 p.m. as Massively OP’s Stream Team brings you…

What: Star Wars: The Old Republic
Who: Larry Everett & MJ Guthrie
When: 8:00 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, May 25th, 2022

The show is over now, but we’ve embedded it here just for you. Don’t forget to check out our past streams and videos collection, and stay tuned for our next show!

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