Classic EverQuest launches speed-unlock and ‘true-box’ progression servers


EverQuest II isn’t the only EverQuest getting a progression server this week – in fact, its elder sibling EverQuest is getting two, and both are live now.

“Vaniki, our new Level Locked Progression server, and Yelinak, our newest Traditional Timelocked Progression server, are now both live and ready to embrace players seasoned or just getting started,” Daybreak announced last night.

As we’ve previously noted, Vaniki is a speedy-leveling server with faster expansion unlocks to level 60, at which point they slow back down to “only” an 8- or 12-week cadence. Yelinak, however, is a bit more casual with a “true-box” ruleset that forbids multiboxing until the Omens of War unlock.

“Yelinak is a Relaxed True-Box Timelocked Progression server where new expansions unlock automatically every 8-12 weeks. […] Only one EverQuest client may be run per computer. Experience has been set to be Progression standard. It’ll start off slower than live, but faster than EverQuest at the original launch and increases at Gates of Discord, Depths of Darkhollow, and The Serpent Spine. At The Serpent Spine experience is as normal live servers.”

Do note that you’ll need to be subbed to access these servers as usual. Have fun!

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