Albion Online is making the Outlands more accessible and offering a new Crystal Arena format

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What’s it going to take to get you into the Outlands in Albion Online? The developers are aware that this can be a tall order for some players and has some reasons for reluctance, which is why the Outlands are going to be getting more accessible with the game’s next major updates. This involves adding in Portal Towns, which are more developed spaces replacing the existing portal regions, with access to banks and marketplaces. Players will also have access to the new Journey Back ability on non-combat mounts, so you can more easily hop out of the endgame regions when you’re done.

Similarly, players will be able to look forward to the new Crystal Arena, which is a non-full-loot form of structured PvP offering players a new set of rewards for participation, as well as a special non-lethal Crystal League format that offers lesser rewards than its more lethal cousin while still allowing participation. Add in features like your gear templates remembering what you had before death if you need to gear back up and you’ve got a nice set of quality-of-life improvements to make the dangerous areas less unapproachable; you can check everything out in the video below or on the official site. The patch is launching on June 8th, don’t forget!

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