Zenith is getting a total of six instanced dungeons in the upcoming Celestial Throne update


The first instanced dungeon for VR MMORPG Zenith hasn’t even come out yet – it’s still slated for June – but apparently there will be many more arriving when the Celestial Throne update arrives, bringing a total of six endgame instanced encounters for teams to face.

These six instanced dungeons are all housed within a mysterious floating castle that hasn’t been seen in the game’s world for 60 years, all of which can be delved by parties of four to eight players formed via matchmaking. These dungeons promise traps, interactive puzzles, and enemies that will test individual player and team skill, with lots of treasure waiting for the victorious.

The announcement has a trailer attached to it showing off one of the first dungeons called the Furnace, which tasks players with feeding fire starters to generate updrafts from heat vents, which then must be used to cross lava pits in order to delve deeper into the dungeon.

A release date for the Celestial Throne update isn’t available yet, but the devs will be holding an AMA on Zenith’s official Discord this coming Tuesday, May 31st, while more information is promised in the coming weeks including ways for “special players” (read: influencers, probably) to get early access to the update, and there’s still no information about when a PC launch is coming – a launch that was promised in the game’s original Kickstarter pitch. In the meantime, there’s the aforementioned trailer to peep below.

source: press release
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