MechWarrior Online outlines known issues in its recent update and plans to fix them


For those who are experiencing problems with an update that released earlier this week to MechWarrior Online, know that developer Piranha Games is aware of them and has some plans to address them – or at least some of the larger problems with the patch.

One of the bigger problems is related to the newly launched event mode queue, which sees some players not seeing certain Inner Sphere ‘Mechs in the selection list even if they own it. This is a bug related to players affiliated with the Clans, which can be worked around by switching affiliation to the Inner Sphere until the next event mode queue arrives, which will open up to medium and heavy ‘Mechs from both factions instead of only four specific chassis.

The other major issue is related to the updated skill trees, with players reporting invalid skill tree errors and problems with import/export. The devs are currently investigating the issue but don’t have an ETA on when it will be addressed. Finally, voiceover audio problems with the patch have been pinpointed but won’t be fixed until the game’s next update.

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