Lord of the Rings Online is ending MacOS support on August 25


For a number of years, Mac users have been able to play Lord of the Rings Online in pre-Catalina versions of the MacOS (though with limited support from Standing Stone Games), but on Thursday, August 25th, support for MacOS is being dropped wholesale as the devs will be “formally deprecating” the MacOS client.

After the date in question, there will be no official support for LOTRO on Mac; players will still be able to access the game and even download the Mac client, but actually booting the game will require a dual boot solution through Windows. Official customer support for the Mac client will also end after August 25th.

LOTRO now joins the long list of MMORPGs that are no longer supported for MacOS, but for those players who are still looking to play some great games from our genre on a native Mac machine, we’ve put together a list of 13 such titles. Regrettably, LOTRO will not be one of them come August.

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