OrbusVR opens the chaotic and tentacle-filled K’tula’s Cove dungeon


You just know you’re in a chaos-filled location when everything is covered in tentacles, eyeballs, and the color purple. Also when you’re assaulted by a spider crab snail. And a teleporting wyvern. These are some of the eldritch sights that await players of OrbusVR inside the newly released K’tula’s Cove dungeon.

This new instance, which can be entered through a portal in the Flooded Rainforest, introduces five new monsters and two new boss fights in the form of the aforementioned Water Wyvern and King Kar’Nos. Those who manage to survive their delve into the realm of a chaos god can walk away with some shiny new goodies including some new armor sets and new pets.

This new dungeon is now available for players to visit as part of the normal shard rotation and will start appearing on new shards dropped at all levels.

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