Last Oasis outlines reworks to travel between zones and the addition of building-eating sandstorms


Woodpunk survival sandbox Las Oasis continues to remind people that it’s not dead with yet another dev blog about some feature adjustments and additions coming in the game’s fifth season of early access, namely updates to travel between world zones and a new sandstorm weather mechanic that’s ready to om nom nom unprotected buildings.

Moving from one oasis to another will no longer be a matter of navigating a menu but moving through a travel path at the edge of a map. These paths will appear periodically and can have restrictions that limit the size of a Walker that can pass through, while other factors such as location and frequency of paths will be worked out through testing. Once players do attempt to move through a path, there will be an improved minimalist UI that will outline details like the danger meter and the number of other players on the map, and traveling to a new map will no longer require a water cost.

The post then discusses the introduction of sandstorms that will slowly damage buildings, walkers, and other unprotected items until they are destroyed. These weather events can happen every one or two hours and are meant to sweep away unused and abandoned buildings. Of course, there will be ways player structures can be protected from sandstorms, such as building barriers or using natural cover like mountains, so those who want to keep a structure or walker intact will soon need to make sure they build for the weather.

source: Steam
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