Old School RuneScape shows off the bosses of its upcoming raid, RuneScape releases a new Yak Track


When you enter a raid in an MMORPG, boss fights are going to happen. That’s just how these things are meant to work. Obviously, the Tombs of Amascut raid coming to Old School RuneScape in August will follow this tried and true formula, but now players of the game can get an advanced look at just what those bosses will look like.

Amascut will feature four bosses for players to fight, each one done up in ancient Egyptian style, including a giant croc, a mystical-looking scarab, an assuredly very tall ancient warrior, and an undead baboon. The devs have also been working on an invocation system that will let player ramp up each raid encounter’s difficulty for the chance at increased rewards. Other features in OSRS’ weekly newsletter include confirmation of new smithing content being added to Giants’ Foundry, a Deadman Rerun, and work on a new Quest Speedrunning feature.

Meanwhile in RuneScape, the game’s own weekly newsletter unveils the Iaia-themed new Yak Track and offers the week’s patch notes, which are mostly just about small fixes and another reminder that 32-bit support for Windows is being dropped.

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