Past Fate adds new weapon skills, two-handed weapons, and makes gear more important to stats


The latest patch for the sandbox MMORPG Past Fate is primarily focused on weapons and gear, with some new two-handed weapons on offer, new skills for all weapons, and a few interesting updates related to the way equipment works in the game.

In terms of weapons, there are now two-handed versions of axes, swords, and polearms, as well as dagger weapons. Every single weapon has also seen some new skills mapped to the 1, 2, and middle mouse buttons. As for gear, that now has a heavier influence on character stats and attributes than it did previously, meaning leveling up won’t have as big of an effect on combat prowess.

Other features in this patch include more early quests in order to make the initial steps in the game feel less boring (in the devs’ own words), more side quests with “great” rewards, enemies gaining more weapon variety in combat and more loot when they fall, and the stat boons of a shield being conferred when its worn on a character’s back (basically making it what sounds like a stat platter). These updates and more are outlined in the patch notes.

source: Steam
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