Voice actress Laura Bailey talks up her role as one of Elder Scrolls Online’s new companions


Considering the number of enemies players can expect in the High Isle chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online, we’d say it’s good to also have some friends. Luckily, the update will provide two new companions for players to recruit in their adventures, one of whom is Isobel Veloise, a character that has her own spotlight video starring her voice actress Laura Bailey – a name that likely needs little introduction for most.

In the video, players get some preview voice lines and a bit of background about Veloise, a character described by Bailey as “honest, kind, and deeply devoted to the values of knighthood.” Bailey further applauds ESO’s companions overall, noting how they feel well-rounded and alive, while also nodding to the High Isle’s other companion, Ember, who is apparently a “trash fire” in Bailey’s words and a complete opposite to the unflinchingly positive and wholesome Veloise.

High Isle is headed to PC and Mac on June 6th, followed by a release on consoles on June 21st. For the time being, you can meet your new best knightly friend ahead of those dates in the video below.

source: YouTube
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