Guild Wars 2 delays Harvest Temple strike mission challenge mode to June 28


If you were anxiously awaiting the release of Guild Wars 2’s challenge mode for End of Dragons’ Harvest Temple Strike mission next week, well, we’re sorry to report that you’ll be waiting a little while longer for the rollout. ArenaNet made the call last night.

“We’ve made the decision to delay the release of the Harvest Temple: Challenge Mode from June 7 to June 28,” ArenaNet’s Cameron Rich says on the official forums. “We designed Harvest Temple: Challenge Mode to be one of the most difficult and demanding experiences the game has to offer, and this additional time means we can put the content through further testing and polish to help ensure we hit our mark.”

As players have noted, while the new date makes a bit more room for next week’s Dragon Bash launch, it also coincides with the planned class and combat balance patch, which will be exciting indeed if it holds.

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