Midnight Ghost Hunt is a multiplayer prop hunting game where the props can kill the hunters

And now it has a creepy doll factory map because of course it does


If you’re familiar with games like Prop Hunt and Witch-It, then you can likely wrap your head around Midnight Ghost Hunt; it’s a 4v4 multiplayer game where one team of ghosts can transform themselves into objects to hide in plain sight while another team of hunters tries to discover them. The difference with this one from others cut from the same cloth is that the hiders can harm the seekers.

Mechanically speaking, ghost players are able to telekinetically fling items at hunters to try and damage them, and when the in-game clock strikes midnight, ghosts can get supercharged to actively attack hunters. Ghosts can use several abilities and perks that let them phase through walls, avoid traps, or drop miasma, while hunters wield tech and weapons to find, trap, and banish ghosts from the material plane.

Midnight Ghost Hunt entered early access on Steam in late March and has thus far nabbed itself a “Very Positive” user review aggregate, and its first major content update has introduced a creepy doll factory map with possessable murder dolls (naturally), reworks of a couple of hunter weapons, and a host of new cosmetics. The game itself will set you back $20, while an additional early backer pack introduces extra character skins for $40.

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