ArcheAge tweaks Garden of the Gods and opens the Dairy Cow Dreamland


We promise, we’ll make the headline for this ArcheAge story make sense, especially since the game’s latest update seems like a bit of a random mess on paper. Here, let’s make it easier and set up a bullet list, shall we?

  • The MMORPG’s new patch has adjusted how raid generals are assigned, now taking into account Previous Leadership over character level. On the subject of raids, it will now be easier to know what faction strikes first in a raid.
  • Garden of the Gods content schedules have been changed, with times being shifted in order to avoid player exhaustion.
  • Taking up Exile quests will now cost players 1,000 Leadership Points instead of 100.
  • The Celestia area of the Garden of the Gods has been darkened. No more eye-burning colors!

Finally, there’s a new event dungeon known as the Dairy Cow Dreamland, an instance for level 55 Patron players that replaces their skills with dungeon-specific ones and tasks them with fighting a variety of unique enemies, which in turn increases prestige and reward levels that translates into better goodies. It’s a whole distinct thing, so players will want to check the link above for all of the specifics.

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