Dual Universe’s latest dev Q&A video talks about support weapons and more PvP features


Dual Universe’s third episode of its Ask Aphelia developer Q&A videos came online last week, and in it the devs discuss a few potential updates to the game including support weapons and what’s planned next for PvP players of the space sandbox.

One of the questions asked talked about the inclusion of support weapons such as remote shield repairers. One of the devs says that this feature is absolutely possible, especially since repairing shields is just a matter of effectively creating a laser weapon that increases shield numbers. That said, the answer talks about things as “compatible” and “feasible;” it doesn’t outright confirm that shield repair lasers are in the works.

Another question brought forth a general long-term outlook for PvP updates, which include adding more PvP balancing related to voxels, adding new mechanics like EMPs or sensor jamming, introducing more abilities to weapon systems, and the ability for players to create specialized ships on top of continued tuning of existing PvP mechanics.

source: YouTube
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